A turkey hunt at CliAl Lodge is a unique experience. The hunt is up to the HUNTER. Whether you choose to run and gun, or slow the pace and wait them out, you are sure to have an exciting day.
All hunts are fully guided with knowledgeable turkey hunters, and—make no mistake, we call them hunters for a reason. Echoing the familiar tune from our family-owned business, we aim to please the client, which is you. We work hard, and we hunt hard. Furthermore, we like to think we go above and beyond the call of duty.


We don’t overbook because we know that too many hunters can interfere with the natural movement of the game. Because we want to give you the greatest chance of a successful hunt, we only allow a maximum of four hunters per day.


$400.00 per day per HUNTER
$1000.00 per 3-day package per HUNTER

2 gobblers limit per HUNTER

Call for information on parent/child package.

Includes meals, lodging, and a great hunting experience!

Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife